At Home Retreat Kit
At Home Retreat Kit

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At Home Retreat Kit
At Home Retreat Kit

Why retreat?

  Why Retreat?
  You're afraid you're going to implode if something doesn't change, and soon!
  You've been so busy doing things for everyone else that you've almost forgotten who you are
  You've lost your sense of balance and connection
  You want to step back, get some perspective and make a blueprint to help you stay on course
  It feels like you're spinning in circles and you need some direction and motivation
  It feels like something is missing and you're not sure what it is


The At Home Retreat Kit includes:


Tips for rearranging your daily obligations to allow time for a retreat – yes, even YOU can find time for a retreat!
    48 page workbook with inspiration, tips, questions and activities to help you make the most of your retreat.
    Instructions for modifying the retreat to fit your life – split your retreat into two half days, take four two hour mini-retreats, or string together a series of lunch hour “micro-retreats.”
    A complete retreat day outline you can follow verbatim or modify as you wish.
    A full 45 minutes of audio to use throughout your day – including tips, meditations and visualizations– it’s like having a retreat director in the comfort of your home.
    Four weeks of e-mail inspiration and follow ups (included, but optional) – to help you carry your retreat forward into your daily life.
Take an At Home Retreat
All delivered to you within minutes of purchase – take an At Home Retreat today!

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Think you don’t have time to take a retreat?

Think again.Those times when time is tight are the times you are most in need of a retreat. Yes, I know that you have many obligations. Yes, I know that you are responsible for the welfare of others. But – and you already know this – you need to take care of yourself in order to have the energy and goodwill to truly care for the other people in your life. Replenish yourself with an At Home Retreat. You don’t need a full day – you can split your retreat into segments as short as ½ hour each. The At Home Retreat Kit gives you tips for maximizing the value of a multi-segment retreat. You don’t even need to stay at home – you can go to a “public but private” place, such as a nearby garden, coffee shop or library. The At Home Retreat Kit gives you instructions on how to choose and prepare a retreat space. And, if you don’t feel like planning at all, you don’t need to – the At Home Retreat Kit includes a full retreat day outline that you can follow and customize as you go.

Think you don’t have time to take a retreat?
Need a retreat
You know you need a retreat- take one now!
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Too depleted to even think about planning a retreat?


Not to worry – the At Home Retreat Kit provides a “follow by numbers” approach you can follow verbatim or customize as you go.


Don't know how to retreat?


The At Home Retreat Kit provides everything you need to know.

What are the benefits of an At Home Retreat?

“When I first heard of the concept of an "At Home Retreat" I couldn't imagine that it would work for me. I've been to expensive retreats and thought that I needed the ambiance of a spa to get the benefit. What I found was that just knowing that I had the tools in my own home, already put together for me, was all I needed. Don't get me wrong, I won't give up going to a spa when the opportunity arises, but they are far and few. Now I can retreat anytime! Just light my favorite candle, close the door, turn off the phone and ahhhhhh.”

--Candice, California, USA


“My favourite part of the tool is the guided centering exercise. I now use this three times a day in my work to keep me centered and give my mind a relaxing boost.”

--Sylvie, Australia


“The At-Home Retreat is exactly what I needed! Thanks, Cheryl, for giving me the opportunity to take some much needed time to myself in such a creative "out-of-the-box" way! Your retreat helped me to actually sit down and focus on myself & my goals and create a great plan of action for the upcoming months - usually this process drains me, but after my retreat, I feel invigorated & energized and ready to take action!!!”

--Lee, Virginia, USA


“I always wanted to do a retreat, but never started to do it. I really liked the home retreat kit, with great explanation, and tools for a good preparation….. I liked the idea to do it in segments/parts. Otherwise I still would not have found ''enough" time to plan a day and would have postponed it as I did for years. Now I have a method to create peace/'retreat' feeling at home and I am sure I am going to implement this in my daily life, e.g. one morning, or at least one hour a week.”

--Karolien, Ireland

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Want more information?

Here is the Table of Contents:

E-Book (pdf file)

 Forward   So You Have Decided to Take A Retreat
 Chapter1   The Value of Retreat
 Chapter2   How to Find Time and Space for a Retreat When It Seems Impossible
 Chapter3   Tips for Breaking Your Retreat Into Segments
 Chapter4   Get Ready for Your Retreat!
 Chapter5   If You Only Have 5 Minutes to Plan Your Retreat, Do This
 Chapter6   The Night Before Your Retreat
 Chapter7   Basic Retreat Day Outline
 Chapter8   Detailed Retreat Day Outline
 Chapter9   Post Retreat - Carry It Forward
 Chapter10   E-Mail Inspirations and Support
 Chapter11   Additional Resources
 Worksheet   Retreat Day Reflections

Meditations and Visualizations (mp3 files):

Welcome to Your Retreat (7½  minutes) [Foreword]

An Invitation to Release (8½ minutes) [Chapter 6]

Putting Down the Backpack (14 minutes) [Chapter 8]

Your Future Self (13½  minutes) [Chapter 8]

If Not Now, When? (2 minutes) [Chapter 9]


  PLUS Follow Up Support:  The At Home Retreat Kit includes four weeks of e-mailed inspiration and support.

(easy sign-up after you take your retreat – expires three months after your purchase)


All this for just $49.99!  Less than the cost of traveling to a retreat center.  And you can use it again and again.  Take a retreat today, and take another next month.  If you take one retreat a month for a year, the cost is less than $5.00 per retreat... 

Order by 6pm on January 23rd, 2016 and save 40%.  Use Discount Code WLC.


Can you afford NOT to take a retreat?

***Money Back Guarantee***  Use the kit.  If you are not completely satisfied with the At Home Retreat experience, contact cheryl [@] within 30 days of your purchase for a complete refund or one hour of retreat coaching - your choice!

What is stopping you from taking a retreat today?


About the Author

Cheryl Lyon, C.P.C., is a certified professional life coach, meditation and visualization leader and author of the At Home Retreat Kit. Cheryl aspires to live, and to help others to live, what she calls “The Winged Life.” A life of purpose and fun. A life of work and play. A life of accomplishment and creativity, planning and spontaneity, peace and adventure. A life of one's own choosing. Cheryl admits to sometimes having trouble following her own advice, but finds that her life works best when she takes mini-retreats of 30-45 minutes several times a week, and longer retreats at least every other month.  Want to know more about Cheryl?  Visit

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